Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exclusive Batik Silk Terengganu

Exclusive Batik Silk from Terengganu

Hand drawn batik silk is an exquisite and delicate art which requires skills, patience, meticulousness, flair and most importantly creativity. Batik is intrinsic to the fashion world be it in cotton or silk.

Terengganu Batik shows originality and is not commercialized thus retaining its price for the Quality of the materials and Elegence of the designs. Quoted:

Each design of Exclusive Batik Silk is unique. U can't have the exact design for more than 1 pc. Please make your reservation early to avoid frustration.Reservation can be made with RM50 deposit upon confirmation. Full payment can be made within 7 days / agreed date.

To get the price for each design, kindly email or sms 013-3955100.

For Singapore kindly email for the price, postage and payment.

Please email the code together with your full name and contact number.

I will not state the price here as the price may vary based on quantity purchase. Purchase more and u will surely get more discount!!

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